Applying Glycobiology To Develop Novel Medicines



IHP Therapeutics is applying Glycobiology to develop novel medicines. Glycobiology is an emerging field of research and drug development, with potential for treating multiple diseases.

IHP-100 compounds are novel small molecule glycan therapeutics which inhibit selectin and complement activity. These compounds have the potential to: (i) enable gene therapy by modulating immune response to viral vector administration and (ii) inhibit cancer metastasis through selectin inhibition.

IHP’s clinical-stage compound, IHP-009, is a glycan NCE (New Chemical Entity) with anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and anticoagulant activity. Clinical planning is underway for dosing hospitalized ARDS (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome) patients with IHP-009. This clinical study may also include patients infected with SARS-CoV-2.


To improve and save lives through scientific discovery and development of glycan therapeutics.


Our Team

Rinko Ghosh, MS, MBA


Jocelyn Jackson

Acting CFO

Peggy McLaughlin

VP of Clinical Operations

Gabriel Njikang, PhD

Director of CMC Project Mgmt

John Paderi, PhD

Chief Science Officer

Kate Stuart, PhD

 VP of Program Management

Robert Van Gorp

VP of Strategic Sourcing

Board of Directors

Rinko Ghosh, MS, MBA

Vlad Hogenhuis, MD, MBA

John Paderi, PhD

Clinical and Scientific Advisors

Science Student


IHP Therapeutics is building on nearly a century of clinical and basic science research with glycan-based compounds to create the next generation of glyco-medicines to treat diseases with significant unmet need. We are developing both novel pipeline compounds, such as IHP-100, as well as clinical-stage IHP-009, a new chemical entity with an established clinical safety profile. Our goal is to translate the therapeutic potential of these glycan compounds into clinically significant benefits for patient.